Time to Reflect

Nine weeks of blogging for BCM240 about media, audience and place, has come to an end. At the end of each blogging task it’s required that we comment and reflect on our work thus far, in some way, shape or form; so that is what I’ll be doing. I hope you agree with me!

At the conclusion of this semester I will have spent about two years blogging on and off for various university subjects. If it weren’t for uni, I don’t think I ever would have engaged with an online blogging platform like wordpress, which requires me to write for an audience and share my thoughts, opinions and findings on a variety of media topics.

So with that in mind, you might understand that I’m still kind of getting my head around the whole blogging situation. I think I’ve come a long way since I started in my first year and semester of uni, but I think there are still areas I need to improve; don’t worry, I’m workin’ on it.
Now I know design is important and I’m sure most people would agree with me when I say that time – hours – can fly by when in search for the right theme, layout, colour & font combination. Presenting my work in a way that is clear, simple and easy to navigate is important to me and I’ve tried to reflect this in my blog design. I don’t particularly like really dark colours or busy patterns so I’ve tried to keep it light and easy to interact with me by linking my twitter account and organizing blog posts by category and using #tagsss. Thus far, I’m pretty happy with my blog design, I’m sure a far more experienced blogger could improve the design, but for my level of experience and involvement, I’d give myself a pat on the back.

However, I probably will never be totally satisfied with my blog name. I’ve always been pretty terrible at thinking of titles for short stories, creative projects and group or trivia names… and my blog title and the title of my posts, are no exception. That kind of thing just isn’t really my forte, so when it comes to giving each of my blog posts a title, the struggle is real. I try to go with one of the first names that come to mind, to avoid overthinking the situation. Overall I think my efforts this session have improved on my attempts in previous subjects. On the topic of names – I’ve noticed many people have interesting blog titles whereas mine is quite simply my name. When creating a blog title I thought this was appropriate, after all it is a compilation of my thoughts and findings but I do wonder if my blog would benefit from having a quirkier name – probably, yes.

In terms of content, blogs require critical thought and analysis. I have attempted to engage with the audience by finding resources that are not only relevant but also interesting. I have made an effort to link articles that I believe add value to my argument, and include photos and videos as a visual aid to illustrate key ideas and support my opinion(s). I have been conscientious when analyzing texts and topics, ensuring my posts consist of original thought and included personal experiences and opinions in an attempt to connect with readers.

It has been brought to my attention that in some of my earlier posts, I failed to reference articles and it was suggested that I use more academic articles. In order to improve my blog and assist readers trying to access resources on topics of interest, I’ve ensured all that all the sources I’ve accessed and mentioned in my blog have been referenced correctly. Furthermore I’ve accessed academic blogs and articles in order to strengthen my arguments and provide an insight into the knowledge of professionals.

One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed about blogging for BCM240, is the weekly topics. Each of the topics relating to media, audience and space have been interesting and relevant to me, not only as a student and researcher of media, but as an ordinary 20-year-old female. I’ve often found myself discussing weekly topics with friends, telling them what I’ve discovered and interested to hear their opinions. If not for this subject, I wouldn’t be talking about these topics in the way that I do now and I wouldn’t be interested in learning more.

I particularly enjoyed writing and researching for my week two blog post, ‘TV? Ah, That Old Thing..’ as I was forced to interview someone close to me about their memories of TV growing up. Although my dad’s memory was a bit sketchy, I found the qualitative research really interesting and would never have made the discoveries I did, if it weren’t for this subject.

I targeted my dad again for my blog post on broadband and the NBN – ‘Broadband has already changed my home. Bring on the NBN’ – and I found his opinions regarding the two, interesting and insightful. This topic also sparked an interest that I had forgotten all about. It had me searching the availability of the NBN in my area, friend’s areas, and considering how the change could affect my lifestyle.

Later weeks post’s touched on issues such as cinema attendance (‘Cinema’s Future’), multi-tasking (‘Multitasking: is it madness?’), and how we manage our time and devices in public spaces (‘Would you be my subject?’). I found each of these topics particularly relatable as I am a culprit of many of the poor habits/behaviours discussed in our weekly lectures and tutorials. These discussions caused me to consider my decisions, behaviours and how I interact with media and devices in both public and private spaces, and question whether they are acceptable. Often I’ve concluded that I am comfortable with the way I currently act, however it has made me more conscious and class discussions and individual research will cause me to make informed decisions about my use of media and devices both in public and private places.


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