Has Anything Changed?

couch-potatoBefore starting the BCM112 subject I was very naive; just your average consumer. I may have asked questions about the media or the content that I was absorbing but not in the way that I do today. I wouldn’t have been too bothered going out of my way to investigate what other sources had to say about a particular topic. It’s funny really, because I’ve always been a relatively curious individual – it just didn’t extend to the media. Don’t be concerned though, since starting this subject I have grown increasingly curious about the media and communications and I’ve quite enjoyed exploring each week’s topics.

During the sixth week, my attention was drawn to citizen journalism and produsage. I was particularly interested in this topic as I never considered how much online content is user-led or the importance of produsage and citizen journalists. I was new to hearing these key terms but I can now say that I’m a proud produser, evidenced through my contribution and interaction within the blogosphere.

The most recent topic, identity-based discrimination online, led me to focus on women and the harassment in which they endure. Being a female, believing in equal rights and treatment – I found this topic particularly interesting. This topic didn’t change my way of thinking nor do I think it will change the way I act online but more simply, I found it appealing to engage with because its relevant to me and my gender.

I’ve been reading my peers blogs in conjunction with academic readings and attending tutorials and lectures to gain an understanding of various perspectives relating to the same issues. Subsequently, I’ve become a more active member of the audience, evidenced in my contribution to the blogosphere and my way of thinking about the media and approaching it, has been transformed significantly.


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