An Era of Produsers

Social networking sites, like most online content, are somewhat tailored to appeal to a certain demographic or particular audience. However, the number of these online environments that operate under little corporate governance is ever-increasing. Subsequently online content is created through produsage which is simultaneous production and usage. This means that content creation is largely user-led and new information is increasingly being reported by citizen journalists.  

Wikipedia is a prime example of produsage.  Unlike traditional encyclopaedias whereby the information and distribution is controlled, Wikipedia is continuously changing and evolving. The existing content may be accessed and modified by anyone and the most recently edited version of the content will be displayed. Similarly, LinkedIn adopts a produsage rather than traditional model of production. The social networking site demonstrates produsage as users create their own content through the construction of their profile, the content they’ve chosen to display (that may be updated regularly), ongoing interaction with other users and engagement in groups and the blogosphere.  Linked is a platform whereby adequate governance exists and produsage is maintained at a relatively intellectual, articulate level. I believe the main demographic of those who access and contribute to the platform is reason for this.

The internet and society should embrace produsage and citizen journalists. It is through these notions that collective intelligence is developed which triggers interaction, engagement and ultimately connectivity between people and their ideas. 


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