Time to Reflect

Before starting the BCM110 subject I was very naive; just your average consumer. I may have asked questions about the media or the content that I was absorbing but not in the way that I do today. I wouldn’t have been too bothered going out of my way to investigate what other sources had to say about a particular topic. It’s funny really, because I’ve always been a relatively curious individual – it just didn’t extend to the media. Don’t be concerned though, since starting this subject I have grown increasingly curious about the media and communications and I’ve quite enjoyed exploring each week’s topics.

During the second week, my attention was drawn to the ‘media effects’ model which opened my eyes; now I’m not so quick to blame the media for people’s behaviours but instead question them. I concluded that the media may only influence individual behaviour to a certain extent and is subjective to the particular behaviour. This first week in particular changed the way that I view the media in correlation with human behaviour.

Our week four topic related to media control – who controls it and why does it matter? This is an issue that never really crossed my mind before. Now, after exploring the matter, I don’t think it will ever leave my mind when accessing any media source or content. I found it particularly relevant to this week’s topic – surveillance. We know, from week four that the abundance of media sources/content that we access everyday is owned by a small handful of companies and powerful people. That sort of power alone is frightening, let alone throwing surveillance into the discussion…

I’ve been reading my peers blogs in conjunction with academic readings and attending tutorials and lectures to gain an understanding of various perspectives relating to the same issues. Subsequently, I’ve become a more active member of the audience, evidenced in my contribution to the blogosphere and my way of thinking about the media and approaching it, has been transformed significantly.


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