The Diversity Dilemma

imageWhy does it matter who controls the media?

The media landscape has changed drastically over the past decades. The diversity of groups who have media control, has diminished so much so that 90% of the media in America is owned or controlled by only six corporations. In Australia, the story is much the same. Take Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and Fairfax media for example, combined they own 11 of the 12 major newspapers in Australia and it doesn’t stop there. Independent Australia described ‘Australian media ownership being amongst the most concentrated in the world.’

The image featured to the left illustrates the ‘illusion of choice’. As an audience and consumers, we have so many different avenues to access information and so much content to choose from. With an abundance of information we’re led to believe that there is enough diversity in the media, for us to access several different sources in order to conclude our own opinions and ideas. However, how can we formulate our own opinions when media control is limited to a few large campanies and people? Exemplary of this is Bruce Gordon who controls regional WIN TV and is also the biggest shareholder in Channel 10 TV.


Of course each publication is presented differently but don’t be fooled, this is only to attract a specific audience. The media giants still have a set of ideologies that ultimately determines the information in which they choose to publish and how they choose to do so. Due to a lack of diversity in media ownership – the information that we’re fed also lacks the diversity that minorities can offer. Instead the information we receive may be at times misleading and misconstrued, clouding our judgement as they have the power to sway our opinions and perspectives regarding certain situations.

Be conscious of what you’re reading, watching or listening to… chances are some, if not all, are controlled by the same company and/or people.


3 thoughts on “The Diversity Dilemma

  1. Really interesting Caitlina! I find it really interesting how you have pointed out that publications are tailored to a specific audience, i hadn’t really considered that before. You should check out this article by David Donovan –
    It also talks about how with the digital revolution and Internet access that traditional media would sway away as more independent sources arrived, i think you would find it interesting as you talk about consumers having numerous avenues of media to choose from 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! I actually used that article as a reference except I linked it under Independent Australia in my post. I must agree with you, it is a very interesting read, thank you all the same for the consideration 🙂

  3. Great work. It’s interesting that you noted that Australia isn’t the only nation being ‘controlled’ by large companies such as News Corp. Although as you said, it is among the most concentrated in the world. Maybe this is to do with the little regulations that ACMA have imposed and more reform can help. (check out their website Plus good find on the video clip it was very insightful, thank you!

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