LinkedIn the McLuhan Media

Marshall McLuhan introduced the notion, ‘the medium is the message’; a bewildering statement for most people to comprehend. So what did he really mean? Mark Federman explores the concept in his article, ‘What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message?’


Forget the conventional meanings of ‘medium’ and ‘message’, McLuhan was thinking far beyond the obvious. Federman explains that the medium is anything from which change emerges and the message is the change that occurs; ‘not the content… but the change in interpersonal dynamics that the innovation brings with it.’ (Frederman, M. 2004 What is the Meaning of the Medium is the Message)

Let’s take LinkedIn for an example. Facebook for professionals. LinkedIn assumes the role of the medium in both the conventional and McLuhan definitions; as a form of mass media and a source from which change emerges. As a networking site for professionals, LinkedIn has changed the business world in many respects. Using LinkedIn, members can search for jobs, post or advertise vacant positions, expand their networks and much more!

So what is the message? Well, since the message refers to the change that the innovation has caused, we should assess how LinkedIn has impacted the lives of all those who use it. Thanks to this social networking site, professionals are able to keep track and stay updated when it comes to locating or contacting former clients and colleagues. Subsequently address books and business cards that take up space and outdate quickly, are no longer a necessity with LinkedIn at your fingertips. Not only is the matter of space improved, LinkedIn makes the recruiting process a breeze for some employers, saving both time and money! Find out more here.


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