A little snippet about myself
Good morning, evening, whatever time of the day – hello. You have stumbled upon the blog of Caitlin Mullins. Originally from the largest inland city in NSW, Wagga Wagga – I have made my way up to Wollongong to pursue tertiary studies at the UOW! I’m a HSC graduate from the class of 2012 and now a current first year student studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies. During my first year, I don’t need to choose my major however at this stage my preference is Marketing and Advertising.

Where will I be or hope to be in five years time? 
At the tender age of 18, believe it or not… My dreams and aspirations have not yet been finalised. Although, at the very least, I hope that I have more direction than I do at this present moment. I would like to have completed all tertiary studies, working full time and above all, enjoying myself. If in five years time I’m happy then I consider myself to be successful. Many would argue this notion however I believe it depends on how you measure success.

I’ve created this blog as a requirement for my subjects (BCM110 and BCM112). My posts will be primarily relating to a digital platform of my choosing (which I haven’t yet decided upon) and Communication and Media in general.
If you’re interested, which I think you are, follow me so I can keep you updated.



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